Security BSides London, the UK’s biggest community-driven infosec conference is happy to announce its 8th iteration open to all regardless of background, skill level, income or job-title.  
  • Doors to the main event open at 8.30am with talks starting at 9am on 5 June 2019
  • Workshops will be held on 4 June 2018 starting at 10am; Pre-registration is required
Please remember that Security BSides London has a strict code of conduct available here
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Nick Dunn

Nick Dunn is a security consultant and an occasional developer of hacking tools and scripts. After several years working as a secure software developer, he found out that breaking things could be more fun than building them and became a penetration tester, at which point he discovered it was even more rewarding to build new ways of breaking things. He is a strong advocate of threat modelling, paticularly for new technologies such as machine learning and medical devices.
He works for NCC Group, is the developer of VCG (an open source code security scanner), and a friend of Hackers For Charity.

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