Security BSides London, the UK’s biggest community-driven infosec conference is happy to announce its 8th iteration open to all regardless of background, skill level, income or job-title.  
  • Doors to the main event open at 8.30am with talks starting at 9am on 5 June 2019
  • Workshops will be held on 4 June 2018 starting at 10am; Pre-registration is required
Please remember that Security BSides London has a strict code of conduct available here

Olga Zilberberg

My name is Olga Zilberberg and I am a CBT and NLP Practitioner working in private practice in Berkshire and South Oxfordshire area. I am passionate about helping people understand mental health challenges and find ways to better their lives in an empowering and fulfilling manner. I first started being interested in mental health 10 years ago after suffering from severe stress and anxiety that led to panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia due to having a very demanding job as a sales rep in the Pharmaceutical sector. I sought help and I was told by a psychiatrist to get used to it as my life will be a series of depression bouts and uncontrolled anxiety, I decided to prove her wrong. I researched, I read, I learnt CBT and NLP and Mindfulness and I came out of the hole where I was stuck. Nowadays I run workshops on anxiety, depression and panic attacks and have made my mission to help those that struggle with mental health issues.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, June 5

11:30 BST


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